Flavor Education Web Page Design

This was one of the hardest, most intricate and valuable pages of the myflavorprint.com site! How do you explain to someone what FlavorPrint is exactly?

In a nutshell, FlavorPrint is a complex digital algorithm that compiles either users taste preferences or a recipe or product’s flavor markup, and makes recommendations based on that data. While the FlavorPrint […]

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FlavorPrint Widgets

FlavorPrint is a robust service, utilizing multiple factors (flavors, cooking styles, time of day, etc.), that provides personalized product and recipe recommendations based on your personal taste preferences. The problem was condensing the main benefits into a bit sized iframe widget while remaining true to the variable contexts of the sites they sit on?

Several factors […]

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Vivanda Company Website

Redesigned Vivanda homepage. Based creating a simple way to update our site without affecting the base site, coded and implemented a customized WordPress site with Parallax and jQuery customization.

Version 1:

Included “stories” that were created in conjunction with the marketing team to cohesively demonstrate the value of FlavorPrint in different scenarios.

Version […]

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FlavorPrint Site Redesign – Wireframes

In an effort to further evolve the FlavorPrint service platform, the myflavorprint.com experience needed to focus more on flavor personalization instead of creating a recipe destination. The goal of the new site is to educate the user on their taste preferences and flavor interactions throughout their Network of Food and it’s meaning related to them, creating a […]

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