Redesigned Vivanda homepage. Based creating a simple way to update our site without affecting the base site, coded and implemented a customized WordPress site with Parallax and jQuery customization.

Version 3:

Even more focus was placed on the business to business services Vivanda provides. With it’s innovative approach to food science, this was new territory for the industry. As such, the website needed to answer any multitudes of questions a client might have before contacting.

Version 2:

Changing direction from a consumer product to a business to business solution, the website was redesigned to reflect the change of audience. Content and language was adapted to focus more on the service itself and what benefits it provides – along with a way in which investors could reach Vivanda and find out more.

Version 1:

Included “stories” that were created in conjunction with the marketing team to cohesively demonstrate the value of FlavorPrint in different scenarios.